The CBS taxonomy series "Studies in Mycology" is an open access journal that is freely available on the internet, but is also issued as individual booklets, each priced according to size. Regular subscribers receive each issue automatically. Single copies can be bought through the CBS WebShop. A 20% reduction on the list price applies only when 10 or more copies of a specific publication are bought at the same time.

The “CBS Laboratory Manual Series” focuses on techniques involved in isolation, cultivation and morphological study of common species in various economically important genera, or groups of fungi occupying a specific niche

The CBS Biodiversity Series is an international journal which publishes books and checklists of filamentous fungi and yeasts, related to all fields of mycology, biotechnology, ecology, molecular biology, pathology and systematics. Authors who intend to submit manuscripts, or wish to include colour plates, should contact the executive editor in advance. There are no length restrictions, though it is generally expected that manuscripts should be in the excess of 100 A4 pages in print. Page charges for colour illustrations should be negotiated with the Executive Editor.